Sasha Chaldryan - Three Life Hacks for Retouching: Backgrounds, Loot, Skin Tone (RUSSIAN)


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Use these life hacks and actions to speed up your work​

This is a class of the famous retoucher Sasha Chaldryan, in which he will show you three life hacks to help you speed up your work. Two of them are absolute know-how, and one is just a very good technique that Chaldryan himself uses. As a bonus to this class, you will get a couple of ready-made actions that will do everything for you - you just need to customize them for a specific frame.

Let's start by optimizing our work with tone. This will be especially true for studio photographers. Learn how to fix a dirty or wrinkled paper background without blurring it, which often leads to posterization. After that, we'll take a look at the loots that powerfully surpass the presets you are used to and tell you how to screw them into the RAW conversion process. And we will give you five loot along with the class - also as a bonus. The last part of the class will concern working with skinton. You will learn a new technique that comes in handy for batch processing. You only have to set up processing once on one single frame - and simply transfer it to the rest. You will receive the action along with the class.

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