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The Light Guide (Studio Photographer’s Handbook) is a comprehensive studio lighting guide.

With over 130+ pages of lighting education & theory (including 20+ detailed lighting diagrams) photographers will be able to expand their lighting knowledge, gain inspiration and explore a new world of photo-shoot themes and ideas.

This guide was created with one idea in mind - to help photographers become more confident with studio lighting! Think of this as your in studio handbook. Study it, print it and draw inspiration whenever you are planning a new project!

There are endless lighting recipes out there and new lighting discoveries to be found. In this guide, I am going to share some of my favorite set ups that work well for fashion, beauty, portrait, lifestyle and even bridal shoots! This is the first time I’m sharing all of my lighting set ups in such detail. I can’t wait to see how you utilize them to expand and elevate your photographic work!

This PDF guide also comes with a bonus ‘Top 12 Lighting Tips’ PDF download!

Screen Shot 2022 04 09 at 92946 pm

Screen Shot 2022 04 09 at 93058 pm

Screen Shot 2022 04 09 at 93137 pm

More info:

Price: $199.00 | Size: 289.7 MB (.zip file)

What's included:
  • Light Guide PDF (139 Pages)
  • Printer Friendly Lighting Diagrams
  • Bonus PDF - My Top 12 Lighting Tips.
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