Kelli Marie Connor - Pre Session Payment Plan Guide (PDF)


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Dec 1, 2021
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Over 1000 Photographers Agree...​

This is one of the single best investments in your photography business!

Get paid before you shoot.

The complete guide on how to properly structure pre session payment plans, so that you can stop dealing with the hassle of post-session payment plans. No more late fees, chasing down money, or clients ghosting you and not fulfilling their financial obligation to your business!

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My cancellations and reschedules have all but stopped since implementing PSPP’s, and my average sale has actually increased. This process has single handedly improved my cash flow and relieved my stress so that I can focus on giving my clients the experience they deserve.

The Pre Session Payment Plan Guide includes Part 1 and Part 2!
- Part 1 is perfect for introducing PSPPs to your business and your clients.​
- Part 2 is for those who wish to make PSPP mandatory for all clients (which I highly recommend)!​

Combined, both parts make up this guide and will change the entire way you run your business and your finances

More info:

Price: $1,499 | Size: 2.9 MB | Kind: PDF (Compressed Zip)

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