Katelyn James - Lighting and Location (Full Course)


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Jul 27, 2021
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Price: $597 | Size: 20.98 GB (Folder)

Are you ready to CONFIDENTLY find amazing natural light and great locations at every single shoot?! Learn how to take ANY location and find light that brings life to your images and confidence to your shooting! Be confident as a professional photographer because you have mastered how to shoot manually, you’re recognizing and choosing good locations and avoiding bad ones, you’re finding beautiful light that perfectly exposes for the skin and you’re thriving when it comes to the technical knowledge behind the camera.

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Never Get Stumped By a Location

raise prices to start living comfortably Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can make EVERY session amazing, no matter what! Never be afraid of dark reception spaces! Create your style of images in all THREE types of natural light! And stop dreading those low-budget weddings, because you will have the skills to make anything look high-end and match your style! I don’t always shoot at fancy venues! I actually photograph a lot of weddings in dark churches, community centers, and pavilions, and even firehouse receptions!… you name it, I’ve shot it!

However, I pride myself on the fact that my $5,000 weddings look just like my $150,000 weddings! It’s these secrets that I can teach to ANY photographer, and they can grow RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE.

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