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Oct 8, 2021
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Pack 1 - ColorTrying to nail down rich vibrant colors and maintain perfect skin tones? Goodlight Presets Pack 1 includes 6 unique profiles to match your aesthetic vision and can also be used to match various color film stocks. Each preset also has an amount slider, so in all actuality, the variance is infinite for each preset and just depends on your creativity. They range in look from soft and light to saturated and contrasty. Sharpening & grain tools also included.

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Pack 2 - Black & WhiteBlack & white Presets like you’ve never seen before! Goodlight Presets Pack 2 includes 6 unique b&w profiles plus grain and color tone filter tools. Black and white presets like no other! Includes 6 unique presets each with a very distinctive filmic look. Our B&W presets are enhanced profiles which means they are infinitely variable with the amount slider in Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile and Photoshop

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Pack 3 - ColorLightroom Presets like no other! Goodlight Presets Pack 3 includes 6 unique profiles to match your aesthetic vision. Truly a 1 click preset! Goodlight presets are what are known as enhanced profiles which means all 6 presets are infinitely variable through the amount slider.The most advanced filmic presets on the market, but luckily with Goodlight, advanced doesn't mean difficult! The way they interact with color & tonality is unlike any standard Lightroom preset. They are known to bring out the reality and color of film which retaining the detail. and benefits of digital,
Erich teamed up with Goodlight in pursuit of creating the most advanced filmic presets and profiles that had ever been made to give all types of photographers the ability to match a variety of classic film stocks at a very high level. We believe that we've achieved this to a degree that just hadn't been done before.

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Based in Oregon, Erich has been named one of the "Top Wedding Photographers in the World" by Harper's Bazaar, Brides, and Martha Stewart Weddings. When he's not traveling the world for work, he spends time educating fellow film and hybrid shooters through his online photography courses.


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