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With Hestia, you’ll love the deep, desaturated greens which work to reduce the intensity of bright, green grass and foliage while keeping skin tones blush and smooth. Hestia is a collection of six earthy, elegant LUTs all in one pack with both cool and warm undertones.

These LUTs bring out beautiful, warm skin tones with a soft balance of contrast and colors that are crisp and gentle.
Without pushing your color temperature, you can extract a level of golden warmth to unify and color-match across your films

Screen Shot 2022 04 01 at 13740 pm

Hestia has an almost mystical, ethereal feeling. The colors in the red, pink, and orange spectrum contrast beautifully. While still retaining their original luster, they pop against more dull earth tones, leaving you with a color arrangement that makes florals, skin color, and clothing stand out amongst a beautiful, subtle green background. Beautiful for exterior footage, Hestia provides filmmakers with a bouquet of earth tones that all complement each other.

Screen Shot 2022 04 01 at 14557 pm

Screen Shot 2022 04 01 at 13806 pm

More info:

What's included: (6 .cube files)
- Hestia 01
- Hestia 02
- Hestia 03
- Hestia 04
- Hestia 05
- Hestia 06

Price: $95.00 | Size: 1.6 MB (.zip file)

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