Fotoshkola - Step-by-Step Course on Artistic Processing of Portraits + Bonuses (RUSSIAN)


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The course has a narrow focus, and therefore you can in just two weeks master a very specific skill – the artistic processing of portraits. You will learn to work with precisely those tools that allow you to get the highest quality processing, without water and a terabyte of extra lessons.

Lesson 1. The secret of beautiful color
In this part of the course, we will analyze the mistakes of most beginner and experienced photographers. You will learn how light affects a photo. How to adjust the brightness and color saturation, how to better combine colors and how to use the processing to bring an amateur picture into a professional image.

Lesson 2. Work with a histogram
Here you will learn how to clean your photos of stray shades and how to get clear colors that give your photos a special, professional character.

Lesson 3. Filters and brushes
How to make the frame more atmospheric and deeper with the help of several radial filters? In this tutorial, you will learn a few Hollywood pieces that will allow you to add some special charm to your photos.

Lesson 4. Retouching the skin in a portrait
This is one of the main sections of the course, where you have to master the correct processing of the skin so that it retains its natural texture and naturally looks in the frame. You can easily remove any stains and defects, as well as smooth the skin using these methods.

Lesson 5. Eye magic
In this section, you will learn how to gracefully work with volume and glare in your eyes so that your portraits always look vibrant and expressive.

Lesson 6. Effects in the portrait
If you want to keep your eyes fixed on your work, work through everything to the smallest detail. In this section, we will look at some interesting effects that you can complement with your photos.

Lesson 7. Textures in portraits
With the help of haze textures, sparks and glare, you can achieve amazing realism of the photo, so that it looks “like a living person” and causes a lot of positive emotions in the viewer. In this lesson, you will learn how to work with a variety of textures.

Lesson 8. Polishing photos
Here you will learn the crucial steps that many people miss when processing their portraits. In this section you will learn how to bring to mind the fine details of a portrait, how to add sharpness and how to prepare a picture for publication.

Lesson 9. Practice – Part One
After completing all the material of the main course, we will fix it on a single work – this way you will even better understand how the studied effects and techniques work in different photographs.

Lesson 10. Practice – Part Two
In practice, you can see the entire process of processing photos – from scratch to the final stage, to better consolidate and master the material covered.

1. The art of portrait photography for beginners – a detailed video guide on what a good portrait photograph consists of – how to shoot to get sincere and catchy portraits.
2. Flash in a portrait – a practical express course on how to shoot beautiful portraits with a flash and a set of light.
3. Set of an experienced retoucher – a ready-made set of textures of smoke, glare, sparks, film grain and several ready-made presets, which will be indispensable for the artistic processing of your photos.

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