Eufy’s newest doorbell camera is also a smart lock

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Eufy’s new Video Smart Lock could solve two smart home security problems in one. | Image: Eufy Security

Anker’s smart home brand Eufy Security today launched its latest product on Kickstarter. The $399 Eufy Security Video Smart Lock is a video doorbell and smart lock in one and is expected to ship to backers in May 2022, with a general release in June. The somewhat unique two-in-one security device notably uses a fingerprint reader to unlock the door and can send alerts when specific people arrive or leave using facial recognition, according to the company.

An apparent amalgamation of Eufy’s $260 Eufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi and $200 Eufy Video Doorbell 2K, the Video Smart Lock provides a slight bargain compared to shelling out for two devices, but there are obvious issues with a dual product here.

For starters, most people struggle with...

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