Dominik Garban - DGX-LIGHTROOM-PRESETS Vol 2


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Here it is! After my first DGX Lightroom preset package was so well received by you and the feedback was overwhelming, I would now like to share my current look with you.

DGX Lightroom Presets Vol. II

In this package you will find 5 color and one black and white look (incl. DNG files with the looks for Lightroom Mobile).
With these presets, you can once again achieve looks with a certain retro touch.
Portraits, lifestyle and landscape photos in natural light - this is what these looks are made for!

The black and white preset gives you the feeling of having just developed a film in 1955.

Of course, some "tools" such as different grain or vignetting or additional color grading are included in the scope of delivery!

As a small highlight, I offer you my Lightroom brushes ( for Lightroom Classic! ) in a deluxe package. With these ready-made brushes you can z. B. carry out a retouch (soft skin, eye pop...) directly in Lightroom in no time at all.

Screen Shot 2022 02 27 at 81241 pm

Screen Shot 2022 02 27 at 81249 pm

Screen Shot 2022 02 27 at 81311 pm

More info:

The DGX Lightroom Presets Vol. II are not a panacea, but first give your pictures a certain look, which you usually have to adapt to your picture with a few (controller) changes ("tweaks"). Good resolution source photos are a prerequisite for using these presets. The editing should take place in RAW format.

Share your image results using the hashtag #dgxpresetsii

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