Dominik Garban - DGX-LIGHTROOM-PRESETS Vol 1


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Dec 10, 2021
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  • Dec 10, 2021
My first Lightroom preset pack is here. In this you will find 4 color looks and one black and white look I made (incl. DNG files with the looks for Lightroom Mobile).
With these different presets, you can achieve, for example, warm, summery or somewhat cooler looks with a certain retro touch in portraits, backlit photos and landscape photos in natural light.
There is also something for you for a "Moody" look for indoor photos!

The black and white preset is my go-to when it comes to less color.

In addition, some "tools" are included!
For example, you want to try out different graining levels? No problem!
No vignette? More sharpness? Ok, one click go!

Screen Shot 2022 02 26 at 25110 pm

Screen Shot 2022 02 26 at 25211 pm

Screen Shot 2022 02 26 at 25234 pm

Please note:

The DGX Lightroom presets are not a panacea, but first put a certain look on your pictures, which you usually have to adapt to your picture with a few (controller) changes ("tweaks"). Good resolution source photos are a prerequisite for using these presets. The editing should take place in RAW format.

Share your image results using the hashtag #dgxpresets

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