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By popular demand, Blvck Paris is finally releasing its own set of Mobile Presets.

These presets will enable you to edit your photos with a dark, minimal and 'Blvck Paris' aesthetic in just a few clicks.

Blvck Paris preset pack comes with 5 unique presets:

  1. Blvck Signature Preset: give the 'Blvck Paris' signature filter to your photos
  2. Rainbow Preset: give a dramatic and moody filter to your photos
  3. Pitch Blvck Preset: give a bold and dark filter to your photos
  4. Faded Preset: give a dreamy and soft mood to your photos
  5. Whte Preset: give a bright and clean filter to your photos
Preset filters are fast and easy solutions for anyone who wants to give a minimalistic and unique touch to their photos. You can add these presets as a filter to edit your Instagram feed.

These presets are for Mobile Lightroom app (iOS and Android) and available for desktop version of Lightroom.

These presets have been tested extensively on many different style of photos and will most of the time look great after just once click. However in some cases, depending on the photos and quality, some photos may need further editing.

What is included:

- 5x Mobile Presets for Lightroom (.DNG files)
- 5x Desktop Presets (.xmp files)
- 5x LUTs for video editing (.CUBE files)

Instant Download:

Once your payment has been authorised, you will immediately receive a download email shortly after.

Why getting it:

- Take your photos to the next level with a professional and fresh filter touch

- Super easy to use with the free Lightroom app

- Very fast. Just upload the photo on the Lightroom app, choose from our 5 presets and your photo is ready to be posted on Instagram.

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