Archipelago Quest - Quest Tools 01 LENS EFFECTS • LR/ACR PRESETS


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Jul 27, 2021
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The set consists of 6 presets each with its own unique shape and style. And while they are different, they share a coherent aesthetic giving you variation while maintaining consistency. Included are both horizontal and vertical presets to work perfectly with your image orientation, as well as color and B&W versions of each preset.

Lens Effect 01 - A simple diagonal beam of light stretching across the frame.

Lens Effect 02 - Two crescent-shaped flares located on the lower section of the frame.

Lens Effect 03 - A single orb-shaped flare diagonally paired with a reversed crescent flare.

Lens Effect 04 - A unique arc of light curving down the side of the frame.

Lens Effect 05 - A bent crescent-shaped flare located in the lower section of the frame.

Lens Effect 06 - A “Ring of Fire” styled flare located in the center of the frame.

All of these flares can be rearranged and manipulated in the brush panel within LR to help tailor them to your specific image. Be sure to turn on "Smart Previews" under the Performance tab in your Lightroom preferences.

Screen Shot 2022 04 13 at 63318 pm

More info:

What's included:
  • Horizontal & vertical variations of each preset (.xmp)
  • Black & White presets
  • Lens Effects tutorial video (.mp4)
  • Archipelago Quest 01 - Diffusion (.xmp)
Price: $49.00 | Size: 229 MB (.zip file)

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