Alex Strohl - The Method to a Successful and Fulfilling Photography Career


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Oct 6, 2021
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The proven method for photographers to achieve their full potential. Taking a look at Alex Strohl’s work, and you’ll consistently find one thing: his photos make you feel something. And whatever this something may be for you — awe, grandeur, perspective, joy — each photo is created with intention. You can find him in remote corners of the world with capturing photos – blurring the lines of work and life.

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What You'll Learn

- Daily routines and systems for success​
- Exercises to map backwards from the destination​
- In-depth exploration of goal setting​
- Pushing past self imposed limitations​
- Tactics to find motivation​
- The art behind the mindset of negotiation​

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Course Includes: 10 Episodes (2 hrs of content)

More info:

Price: $149 | Size: 2.05 GB (Folder)

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